On Wednesday 26th September, KDH rounded off a series of activities for Dementia Awareness month with a fascinating session on “Dementia and the Dignity of Risk”.

Audrey Jamieson, a former nurse and now Coroner with the Coroners Court of Victoria, opened proceedings with an overview of the work of the Coroner’s Court and of her role assessing reportable deaths. Given the nature of her work, she reinforced the importance of providing best practice care which follows applicable policies and procedures, in order to reduce potential risk to patients.

This was followed by the short-film ‘Dignity of Risk’, a documentary by Professor Joseph Ibrahim which featured an encounter between Prof Joe and a patient, Mr Jones, who was recently diagnosed with dementia. The film raised questions relating to risk and the audience were asked to consider how far they would go to protect Mr Jones from harm versus intruding on his enjoyment and quality of life.

Both speakers drove home important messages relating to the dignity of risk that will no doubt continue to spark conversations for those attending.

Thank-you to both Coroner Audrey Jamieson and Professor Joseph E Ibrahim for coming to Kyneton for this thought-provoking session.