It’s Meet the Team Monday!

Angie and Heather are Allied Health Assistants at Kyneton District Health. They support clients in both an acute and community setting completing a Transition Care Program (TCP).

As part of KDH’s continued commitment to learning, Angie and Heather recently attended a “Supporting Communication Therapy” workshop at Monash Health. Designed for Allied Health Assistants supporting Speech Pathologists, the course provided a breakdown of several communication disorders and suggested interventions that can be used to support clients.

Angie and Heather both enjoyed the two day course and were able to gain additional skills to apply with TCP clients who are working with a Speech Pathologist. It also provided them with a screening tool that they plan to implement in the coming months to better assist clients.

Since attending the workshop last year, Angie and Heather have already been able to use their new skills with one of KDH’s TCP client with great success!