The proposal for the voluntary amalgamation of Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health has been formally endorsed by the two health service Boards.

The proposal aims to enhance the capability of the health services to meet the current and future needs of the community, and improve access high quality health care, locally.

The submission was approved by the Boards following extensive community and staff consultation, due diligence assessment and careful consideration of the benefits and issues.

The proposal will combine the management and governance of the two organisations under one entity known as ‘Central Highlands Rural Health’.

The proposal has been submitted to the Department and Health and Human Services for review and approval from the Government. No decision has been made at this point in time.

About the Proposal:

  • There will be no reduction in services, staffing or funding.
  • Hospitals and facilities will remain in place in their current locations at Kyneton, Daylesford, Creswick, Clunes and Trentham. Local identity will be preserved.
  • Local funding will remain local and donations will remain within the community that has donated/raised the funds.
  • There will be improved access to a range of health services across the region, strengthened services, enhanced quality and more consumer-driven care.
  • Staff are valued and all staff will be part of the proposed new organisation/entity.
  • There will be enhanced opportunities for workforce and professional development.
  • Shared knowledge, skills, expertise and training of nursing, medical, allied health and other staff in the local area will help to improve patient care.
  • The future of health services will be more sustainable with the ability to attract and retain staff and specialists; secure funding for new services; meet changing patient needs/services; and meet new legislative requirements, infrastructure and technology needs.

The outcome of the Due Diligence was positive and it found no barriers in relation to the proposal to join the services. It included a comprehensive assessment of governance, clinical, technological, regulatory, human resourcing and financial matters.

Community engagement included a total of 11 consultation sessions held in five locations – Kyneton, Daylesford, Trentham, Clunes and Creswick. A survey received 71 responses. Five letters and submissions were received from community members. Advertising was undertaken and letters were sent to local stakeholder organisations to invite participation. Information was posted on the Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health websites as well as the Facebook pages, reaching over 4800 people with 385 post clicks.

Through the consultation, the theme of improving services for people of all ages and meeting the needs of our growing population came through strongly – with particular focus on family and children’s services and aged care. Retaining and enhancing local health services in local communities was another key theme. The importance of keeping existing services in place, preserving local identity and harnessing opportunities for new services in each town was highlighted. The proposal aims to achieve these outcomes.

Hepburn and Kyneton have had a shared CEO for more than two years as they have worked together to develop the proposal to join health services. It builds on and formalises the co-operative structure which has already been in place for that time.

We would like to thank staff and the community for providing valuable input into the proposal to join Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health.

Communication and consultation with staff and the community will be ongoing throughout the process through meetings, newsletters, letters, websites, email, Facebook, and media.

Download the Questions and Answers Sheet.


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