Looking Ahead

Our community is our future. You are why we’re here. Looking after you is the reason we come to work every day.

KDH is committed to engaging strongly with all of our partners and stakeholders so we continue to understand local priorities and can continue to bring you high quality care close to home.

By looking ahead strategically we can plan for changes in the health sector and respond to the healthcare trends that will shape our collective future.

To guide us we have a clear vision that every person has a positive experience, every time. We’ve got key goals to keep us on track and measure our performance.

KDH Strategic Scorecard

Patients We will offer the right care and support, from the right people at the right time and in the right way.
StaffWe will be an open and harmonious team in an environment where people feel proud, empowered, valued and understood.
CommunityWe will have community trust, confidence and understanding, and work in partnership to serve community needs.
DoctorsWe will have respectful, collaborative and functional relationships with an aligned sense of purpose and direction.
GovernmentWe will deliver our patient, community, staff and doctors' objectives in a financially sustainable way.
Support We will have the right systems and processes to support our business objectives.