Our purpose is to provide Best Care for every person, every time.

The KDH Best Care Quality Framework helps us to ensure a positive patient experience by:

Defining our purpose in terms of what is important to those we care for and their families.

Best Care is care and service that is Personal, Safe, Connected and Right.

  • Personal – Care and service provided is responsive, respectful and sensitive – involving patients in a meaningful way in decisions and their preferences are respected
  • Safe – Care and services are designed and delivered to minimise risk of harm and when something goes wrong, we take action to prevent it happening to someone else.
  • Connected – Care and service provided is accessible, timely, consistent and coordinated.
  • Right – Care and service provided is based on the best available evidence and knowledge and is right for that person.

Recruiting the right people with the skills & attributes necessary to provide Best Care.

KDH people are:

  • Empathic – they are able to understand and share the feelings of others;
  • Skilled – they have the knowledge, ability and training to perform their role;
  • Informed – they maintain current knowledge and base decisions on an understanding of the facts;
  • Proactive – they use their initiative and take control rather than respond after the event; and
  • Accountable – they take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Ensuring we have the quality governance supports (or pillars) required to assist staff to provide Best Care, including committees, policies, procedures and systems for:

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Planning, Leadership and Resources
  • Effective Workforce
  • Quality & Risk Monitoring