What is Quality?

When healthcare organisations mention ‘Quality’ or ‘Clinical Governance’ we’re talking about the systems and checks in place to monitor and evaluate how we look after you.

This includes things like organisational structures, policies and committees. But these bureaucratic necessities can seem a bit far removed from your everyday experience.

At KDH we want patients to understand what type of care they can expect, and for our staff to be clear about how they do their job and engage with you.  So we have implemented Best Care at KDH.

Our Best Care framework takes us beyond a bureaucratic ‘tick the box’ approach to quality. It supports us to deliver a patient and consumer experience that is personal, connected and right, as well as safe.

Quality Account

You can read more about what we do in and how we measure up in our annual Quality Account. It has comparative data, stories and comes in a handy calendar.

 Best Care Quality Framework

Our purpose is to provide Best Care for every person, every time.

The KDH Best Care Quality Framework helps us to ensure a positive patient experience. To find out more about Best Care at KDH, visit About Best Care.