Your Rights

As our patient you are entitled to receive the best possible care, and care that is appropriate to your health needs. According to The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria, your rights are:

  • Access – a right to access health care
  • Safety – a right to receive safe and high quality care
  • Respect – a right to be shown respect, and to be treated with dignity and consideration
  • Communication – a right to be informed about services, treatment options and costs in a clear and open way
  • Participation – a right to be included in decisions and to make choices about your health care
  • Privacy – a right to privacy & confidentiality of your personal information
  • Comment – a right to comment on your health care, and to have your concerns addressed

Your Responsibilities

Please help us provide you with the best possible care by:

  • Providing accurate information, as best you can, about your current medical problems, previous illness, medications, visits to hospital, allergies and other matters relating to your health
  • Asking staff for a clear explanation of treatments, tests and medications recommended for your care
  • Letting staff know immediately if you do not understand instructions or advice given to you
  • Discussing any worries or concerns you have with a relevant member of staff
  • Letting staff know if you intend to leave the hospital
  • Being courteous and considerate to other patients and to treating staff
  • Being involved in the planning of your discharge

Clear communication is our goal. It helps if everyone can understand what to expect when they are a patient or client. Your communication supports us to care for you most effectively. Our team will talk through processes with you when you visit hospital or we visit your home. We invite you to ask questions about your healthcare.


When you are treated at Kyneton District Health, a record is made of relevant information that enables us to provide you with the most informed and best possible health care.  We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your health information and comply with regulations and standards.

Freedom of Information

In accordance with Victorian Freedom of Information and Health Records legislation you have the right to request access to your medical record from a public health provider, such as Kyneton District Health. For more information about this process, visit Freedom of Information at KDH.


An advocate is someone who helps you to speak up or can speak on your behalf if you want them to. If you need assistance or want support to raise an issue, you can get in touch with the Regional Information and Advocacy Council in Bendigo.

Phone:                 03 5443 0550

The Victorian Office of the Public Advocate has an advice line with information and advice on matters relating to guardianship and administration, powers of attorney, medical consent and the rights of people with disability.

Phone:                 1300 309 337

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has issued guidelines for Victorian public sector employees on giving and receiving gifts, benefits and hospitality. For more information, visit Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality at KDH.