On the ward

Our small rural hospital is welcoming, personal and close to home. On the ward, our KDH team works closely with local GPs and visiting specialists to deliver Best Care for day visits, overnight stays and urgent care.

The clean and calming space with garden views includes a birthing and maternity suite, as well as palliative care and respite facilities. There’s also dedicated rooms for dialysis and our Transition Care Program.

Hospital Services

Kyneton District Health is a small rural hospital with modern facilities and a friendly and professional team.

We have an in-house pharmacy team to safely coordinate your medication, and a kitchen crew that prepares meals on the premises to nourish you while you are a patient with us.

We support patients with a range of care, services and targeted programs, and you can learn more about them on our ‘in hospital’ pages.

There are also patient and public services on site to support Best Care and local access to healthcare services:

Allied Health

KDH employs a social worker to support patients and their families and carers. We also have our own in-house physiotherapists to help with patients’ recovery.

We work collaboratively with occupational therapists and dietitians from Cobaw Community Health Services so patients get a whole of life approach to support their independence when they transition out of hospital.


Kyneton District Health has diagnostic services available onsite, for inpatients and members of the community. Blood tests and pathology services are provided by Austin Pathology and Lake Imaging provides radiology services including X- ray, ultrasound and CT scans.

For more information, visit Diagnostics.

Needle Exchange Program

Kyneton District Health provides a service for needle and syringe exchange to help minimise the transmission of blood-borne viruses such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Needles, syringes, swabs and disposal units are provided in a Needle Exchange Kit, which is available from the nursing staff on the acute ward.