Good for Brain and Body

Healthy Mind and Movement fills the gap between hospital support and self-care at home. The program supports (particularly older) community members to build exercise endurance, general fitness and improve their overall independence and wellbeing. It also assists those with newly diagnosed or early onset dementia or mild cognitive impairment.

The Healthy Mind and Movement program comprises three fully funded programs which are coordinated on-site at by a physiotherapist in our Ambulatory Care Centre gym. All programs last for 12 weeks.

Keep Moving

  • Suitable for anyone 50+ who has finished a specialist cardiac, respiratory or inpatient program and wants to maintain or build fitness and independence.

Active Body, Active Mind

  • A lifestyle exercise program for people newly diagnosed with dementia or cognitive impairment. It’ll help with muscle strength, mobility, sleep, stress and wellbeing.

Well Balanced

  • A movement program to reduce the risk of older people falling at home our out and about.

To find out more, contact our Health Mind and Movement coordinator, John Davis on (03) 5422 9900 or