Patient Information

Our Patient Information Guide is designed for patients who will be staying at KDH for one or more nights (i.e. admitted as an inpatient). It provides practical information about KDH and should answer any questions you may have, including:

  • why we do what we do
  • how you can help us to help you, and
  • what facilities and services are available to you in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Patients staying at KDH will receive a copy of the guide at their bedside, however it is also available for download here: Patient Information Guide.

Your doctor will book you in so check with your GP for the time to attend. When you get here, head to our reception. You’ll then see our patient services clerk to sort out things like account payment, health insurance questions and general information.

When you see the medical team or nurses there may be some additional paperwork to complete for consent, privacy and administrative reasons. We need to make sure you understand and agree to what will happen while you are in our care.

Nursing staff are here for you around the clock. Ask questions whenever you need. You can also jot down your prompts on the patient information sheet by your bedside. It’s a helpful tool that makes it easier to remember and address your concerns.

You’ll also be well looked after by our services team that cooks nourishing meals on the premises and maintains KDH as a clean and safe for you to be.


What to bring to hospital

  • Comfortable bed attire
  • Slippers or suitable footwear
  • Personal toiletries
  • Small cash for incidental purchases
  • Doctor’s letter
  • Health insurance card or verification
  • Any pharmaceutical entitlement cards
  • Current medications in their original containers/packets, and repeat prescriptions
  • Medicare and pension card
  • Relevant x-rays, CT or MRI scans
  • Entertainment devices (Wi-fi password is available)


If you are coming to KDH for a surgical procedure, our theatre team will be in touch beforehand, as part of our regular pre-admission activities. They’ll let you know about what to expect, and what to bring along.

Urgent Care Centre

The Urgent Care Centre is available 24/7 /365. Please present at the nurses station.  After hours access is via the security buzzer which you’ll find at the left hand side of the main hospital entrance.

Leaving Hospital

As part of our Best Care approach we will work through a SMART discharge advice tool with you to help get you ready to head home, and to be confident about looking after yourself after a hospital stay. We’ll think about medication, travel home arrangements and other matters relevant to your recovery and wellbeing.

We encourage you to provide feedback directly to the hospital and by completing the Victorian Health Experience Survey that will be posted to your home address.

Visiting Hours

Hospital visiting hours are 11am-8pm.